CBDBODI Intensive Relief Rub

Ingredients: – 1,500 mg

This incredible pain relief solution is power-packed with 1,000 mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD and natural pain combating Emu Oil. It also contains Arnica Flower, Boswelia Serrata and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Plant soothing botanical extracts. Works immediately upon impact tackling intense stiffness, muscle, joint, ligament pain and inflammation. Enjoy the long lasting effects. Use nightly or during the day! Comes in  an airless pump, absorbs quickly, is non-greasy with no lingering or unattractive scent.  

Try in conjunction with a CBDBODI CBD or CBG Tincture for additional pain management.  Or, try a CBDBODI Sleep Bath Bomb or CBDBODI Sleep Gel Capsule for a great night’s sleep.



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